Happy New Year - 2022!

Another year has come upon us, even though it may be strange
To welcome the ups and downs, and to embrace the concept of change.

The pandemic has altered much of what we do,
From the way we work, to live, to socializing, too.

You may have experienced stressors - we all have had our days,
When navigating through life has been as tough as a maze.

You may have had times when you didn't think you'd carry on,
But here you are, you made it - and there is the light of dawn.

Times have been tough, there is no doubt,
But I hope you have had a chance to let your emotions out.

I hope this year, you have time to breathe and take it slow,
To realize how strong you are, and how loved you are, you must know!

I pray that this year brings about lessons and a smile,
And that it brings you to reconnect with people you haven't spoken to in a while.

I pray that you learn new things about yourself,
And that you prioritize your physical and mental health.

I pray that you are open to experiences, and try something new,
Even if it at first, change is scary for you.

I pray that you stop to breathe, and to relax and rest,
And to accept yourself for trying your best.

I pray that you are blessed, in more ways than one,
And that 2022 is full of successes, the peace of God, and lots of fun!

Happy New Year, from me to you,
May you find the Lord's blessings in all you do!

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