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Seek the Lord in the New Year – Revive Ministries
  • When we look at around us, we feel overwhelmed by the sadness, distress, strife, and struggles in the world (and in our lives). When we look at to God, we are filled with His presence and His peace

  • We should not depend on ourselves, but rather, on God’s strength. If we focus too much on ourselves, we become aware of how weak and powerless we are. But when we shift the focus to God, we are reminded that we are not alone. We are reminded that we cannot do anything without Him - and this drives us to pray to God and keep Him at the centre of our lives

  • ‘To seek God’s face’ reminds me of the feeling of the longing and excitement when we see someone we love but have not seen for a while. When we see them again, we feel thrilled, happy, and cannot help but smile. For that moment, we are at peace and content. This is what happens when we seek - and find - God, too!

  • If we look for God, we will find Him. This is a promise. He is never silent, absent, or distant. All we have to do is call on Him and seek His face; in turn, we are given His strength and His peace. He always draws near to those who draw near to Him
Don't look at yourself or your strengths. This will only lead to discouragement, worry, and doubt. Instead, look to the One who created you, who holds you in His palms. He will give you His strength which has no limits!

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