Let go and Let God...

I’ll admit it: I’m a worrier. No, not someone who worries too much over everything. But I am someone who, when faced with many tasks or situations, begins to worry. 

The typical scenario is that I have a lot of things I’m ‘waiting on’ to get done. I might be waiting to hear back about an interview, a mark from a test, or a health result. I might be hoping that my family is still safe. I might be thinking about my future, my health, friendships, etc. That’s all on top of my daily tasks to do, such as cleaning, cooking, and more.

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Some days it’s tolerable. I feel like I have a lot to do, but it’s ‘not that bad’. I’m busy but I feel that things are manageable. But some days, I feel like my brain is going to crack. My head is jumping from task to task.  

-What do I have to do next? 

-How will I finish this all? 

-What will happen? 

-Will it work out? 

-Will I be okay? Will my family be okay? 

And the list goes on and on. I hate these feelings. My ‘go to’ is to pray. I try to breathe. And then I pray to God, to calm me down. I tell Him that I trust Him. I ask Him to help me. 

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But deep down - really deep down - I don’t feel calmer. The thoughts start again. The worries. The jumping from thing to thing. The predicting the future. 

So the question begs - have I really given it to God? Did I really ‘let go and let God’?

Clearly not. To let go and let God means to pray about my worries and then be at peace. To know that I’m not letting go into the unknown - I’m giving my worries to the One who holds them in His hands. He never fails. He made the world. He knows the future and isn’t worried - so why should I be? 



Jesus told us not to worry about tomorrow because today is sufficient for it’s own worries (Matthew 6:34). That is indeed true. Today is for today. Tomorrow is for tomorrow. 

To really trust God is to give Him all my worries. When I pray, I want to do this having full faith and confidence that I’ve let my concerns fall into His capable hands. I want to rest in His comfort, knowing that while I still don’t have answers, I can have His peace. 

Verse of the Day - Psalms 94:19 KJV - Highland Park Baptist Church - Lenoir  City, Tennessee
God, please help me trust in You. While I may say that I do, I want to truly have peace in my heart. I want to be able to give my anxiety to You and know that I don’t need to think any more. Please fill me with peace. Still and quiet the storm in my heart. Take away the thoughts that plague me and fill me with worry and panic. Calm my soul and mind down. When I start to get overwhelmed, flood me with Your peace and silent my thoughts.  Fill me with Your perfect peace. I let go and give it all to You. I trust that You’ll do what’s best for me - You always have and You will forever continue to. Thank You for Your endless love and protection. Your promises remain true forever. 

In Jesus’ name, 


Worrying does not empty TOMORROW of its troubles, it empties TODAY of its  STRENGTH". | Spiritual quotes, Prayer for protection, Words

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