FOUR YEARS OF RECOVERY! - and a Look Back on 'Brain Changes' Posts

I have written many posts about ED and brain changes, and I know that many of you are interested in this topic (as am I...).

This blog post summarizes all the posts I have written thus far on ED and brain changes. Feel free to click on one of the links below and learn more about what I have written!

PS. I LOVE this particular post because reading through my past posts has helped me realize many things. First, I can see how far I have come in my recovery since 2012. Second, I can appreciate how much I have learned about ED and brain changes. I have also reread all the comments, and am so touched by everyone's ongoing support thus far. In addition, reading these posts makes me appreciate that when I was ill with ED, I was suffering from a real illness - I wasn't trying to be a 'difficult patient or person', I wasn't looking for attention, I wasn't being stupid for staring myself, and I wasn't lying when I said that eating was extremely difficult or stressful for me.

I hope these posts teach you something new, and remind us all that EDs are mental illnesses. I hope the research cited in the posts below allow society to realize that EDs are life-threatening illnesses - and not choices. They are not cries for attention, or a result of the need to feel 'in control' or rebel against parents....or whatever crazy theories there exist. Simply put, an eating disorder is a mental illness that makes one feel anxious about food and weight, obsessive about maintaining a certain weight, altered food intake patterns, etc. BUT EDs are also 100% treatable - through sustained and constant nutrition, love, therapy, support, care, and more.

Enjoy browsing through these posts - and feel free to comment on what you learned from these posts, how this changes how you view ED as an illness, etc.

1) Why starvation 'feels good' or is 'easier' for patients with ED than eating
2) Portion Distortion! and Servings sizes of food
3) Always feeling full
4) Starvation = reward for individuals with ED?
5) Food and Mood
6) Why Eating in Recovery is STRESSFUL!
7) Desserts and ED Brain Changes
8 General Overview of Brain Changes

P.P.S - thank you to all my family, friends, and readers. Looking through these posts has truly made me extremely thankful for everyone's support. All your words, love, and care are truly what has gotten me this far and strong in my journey. This month marks my four year recovery mark - four years of solid recovery, full nutrition, health, happiness, and freedom. I wouldn't have made it here without God and without all of you...and without yummy food (like chocolate. Did I mention I love chocolate?) THANK YOU!

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