I was on TV! Watch my feature on CBC News!

Three weeks ago, I was contacted by a reporter from CBC Toronto, asking me if I could do a story on the increase in eating disorders that is occurring. Wanting to help, I readily agreed...not realizing that they wanted me to do the story the next day! Needless to say, it was a last-minute request. But being featured on TV AND raising awareness about ED and mental health? Who could say no?!
This news story is highly relevant to society and what is happening in our world today. Although short, the feature highlights the fact that there has been a staggering increase in the prevalence of eating disorders within the past few years. Unfortunately, this has not been met by an increase in treatment. Perhaps even more frustrating is that there is still a lack of knowledge and awareness on eating disorders, prevention, treatment, recovery, and mental health. There still exists stigma around issues such as mental health. My hope is that by speaking out, we can make a difference.

Please take time to watch this segment - it is only about five minutes long: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wu3TcyjgQ5w. (Please note: this aired two weeks ago on the CBC Toronto News at 6 and 11 pm, but the video was just uploaded - thanks sis!).

But the impact of the segment is not in its length. The impact lays in what we do after hearing the story. Do we go out and make a change? Are you willing to reflect on your own beliefs and knowledge around eating disorders and mental health? Are you prepared to educate yourself and others around you? Are you willing to help raise awareness that EDs are REAL, MENTAL, and SERIOUS illnesses?
I hope that you enjoy this little feature I did with CBC news Toronto. More importantly, I hope that it helps you and others learn about ED and mental health, and it makes a change. There is a lot of awareness on many physical health issues, but awareness of mental health issues is lacking. Why? Because we don't want to talk about our feelings and emotions. We don't want to appear vulnerable. It is easier to suggest physical treatments for heart conditions, cancer, etc. than it is for mental health issues, where treatment options may not be so obvious. Everyone, regardless of what health/other issue they are dealing with, deserves treatment, help, and support. They deserve to be cared for, to be empathized with, and to be understood.

Thank you, God, for giving me the courage and strength to speak up about my battle with anorexia. Thank you for showing me that every struggle, every tear, and every hurt happens for a reason. Thank you for using my struggle to raise awareness, and hopefully, to continue to help others. Thank you for never leaving any of us alone, for giving us hope and success. Please strengthen us to continue trusting You, even when times are rough. Please give us Your peace and allow us to see that though we may not understand what is happening now, we will one day. And then we will see that '...in all things God works for the good of those who love Him' (Romans 8:28).

And thank YOU to all my friends, family, and readers. I would not have been here if it were not for all of the care, love, and encouragement you always provide me with. The time each of you takes to motivate me, to read my blog, to pray for me, and to help raise awareness makes a HUGE difference. I am so blessed to have all this support around me.

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