New Series: Lessons from children

 My nine-month old niece is an absolute joy - and a handful! In just nine months, I have learned so much from her...

The amazing thing about watching and interacting with children as they grow is realizing that they literally come in to the world on a 'clean slate'. It's like a journal that has nothing written in it - who knows what will fill the pages?!

Lessons from children can range from anything to how to keep trying, to the appreciation of language, to the simplicity of smiling at everyday things, etc. In these new few posts, I will be discussing the various lessons I have learned from my lovely niece. Although, to be fair - here is a shout-out to all my little patients who I see in clinic as well - you have all taught me so much about life too!

Before the next post begins the series, I want us to reflect on a few things:

1) How often do you allow yourself to 'play'? When was the last time you grabbed a toy, a puzzle, or a piece of paper and let yourself enjoy some playtime?

2) When you are frustrated or sad, how do you communicate this? Do you cry, scream, or use your words? Do you share this with others, or keep to yourself?

3) What are some of your most basic personal needs that have to be met for you to be well? Do you get angry when you are hungry, tired, or misunderstood? How would others know this? 

4) When was the last time you tried a new activity? If you got it 'wrong' the first time, how did you respond to this? Did you try again, or stop out of frustration?

5) What does safety and love mean to you? Who makes you feel the most loved? Who can you be 'yourself' around without fear of judgement? What do these people (o person) do to make you feel this way?

6) What does 'personal growth' mean to you? Does it mean you have learned a new skill, got rid of a bad habit, gotten healthier, etc? What does health and happiness mean to you?

REALLY think about these questions. Take one each day to reflect on it, thinking about yourself personally and not others' responses to these prompts. As we delve into these series, I look forward to reflecting on my own reactions, values, and strengths as well! 

Thank you, Ereny (and all the little angels out there!) for teaching us adults so much about life!

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