Introducing My New Podcast: 3P!

I am really blessed and excited to announce that I have a new podcast - 3P (Pills, Pearls, and Patients).

You can listen to episodes and subscribe here.

3P is made possible by Health Plexus. Their team approached me with the idea that many patients and healthcare providers don't always get access into what it is like to be a family doctor. And I agree. As family physicians, we see a little bit about everything! As patients, you may have questions about your healthcare, want to learn more about how to communicate with your doctor, and so forth.3P is primarily aimed towards healthcare providers - many episodes do discuss approaches to medical conditions. However, patients can benefit as well. In this podcast, I discuss communication tips, resources, strategies to manage conditions (ranging from physical ailments like diabetes to mental concerns like anxiety). 

I love recording this podcast! I purposely don't edit out many parts to show listeners that 'things don't have to be perfect' (more about this in another episode!). I love being able to talk openly and honestly about what is it like to be a family is truly the best job in the world! Yet, it can be really difficult. I strive to be the best physician I can. I aim to give each patient enough time. However, I am human. I struggle, too. I need to have breaks from work like you do. I yearn for time off with my family - just like you do.

Sharing stories and experiences empowers us as communities. When we hear things from various perspectives, we acquire insight into other people's lives. 

3P gives doctors, patients, and communities an inside look into being a family doctor. I encourage you to take a listen to an episode or two, knowing that not every episode might be relevant to you (depending on your career, interests, etc). Please subscribe and join me as we talk all things pills, pearls, and patients!

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