Spring Cleaning

It might not look or feel like spring all the time right now, but spring is definitely upon us! (Well, it's slowlyyyyy starting to warm up!)

There’s something beautiful about moving from winter into spring. My sister always says that every season is special in its own way - and that is true! To me, spring represents new life. Winter is passing and ending - and with it, spring arrives. 

Spring brings new life. It brings hope. The snow gets cleared away to make room for grass and flowers. The weather turns from chilly to comfortable. The skies open up with light. The birds migrate and sing. 

Hate you heard of ‘spring cleaning’? The idea is that with a new season, we clean out our homes to make them organized and ‘new’. The idea is that you are getting ready for a new season. 

What do you need to ‘spring clean’ right now? Does your physical space need cleaning? Do you need to get more organized? Does your schedule need to be revisited so that you can prioritize your values? 

Do you need to clean up your phone and delete apps that waste your time? Do you need to reflect on your attitude towards others and welcome some peace and kindness into your life? Do you need to spend more time with God and prayer? 

Spring is about new beginnings. It’s about hope. This spring, think about what you need to do to prepare for a new season. Choose something to clean up in your life, and watch as you enjoy the benefits of a brand-new season. 

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