Happy Easter!

 Easter is upon us, it is a time to celebrate

That Christ gave us everlasting life - death is not our end fate.

Spring has begun, and flowers will grow,

Hello to the sunshine, goodbye to the snow!

I hope that this Easter, you can find the time to smile,

To see how God brought you here, mile by mile.

Life isn't always easy, this much is true...

but God is always there; He is always holding you.

May this Easter season remind you of all there is to be thankful for,

Even the times that were tough - God has greater plans for you in store!

Jesus died for our sins, but He was risen up on the third day,

To give you hope and joy - death, pain and sorrow can have no say.

Jesus loves you, and He gave up His life for your sake,

So that in His everlasting joy you can partake.

Happy Easter to you, may this time fill you with joy and peace,

The Lord's promises are new everyday; His grace will never cease!

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