Be courageous! Be strong! Do not be afraid!

Some thoughts for today....

Joshua 1:9 - Bible verse -
  • God is telling us (actually, He is COMMANDING us!) not to worry or be afraid. He says that we should be strong and courageous. Why? How? Because He is with us, wherever we go! 

  • God also tells us not to be discouraged. We face so many challenges and battles daily. It is quite easy to become full of despair, and to feel weak and alone. But here, God says that He is with us. God, the Creator of the world, is with us at all times! It’s like a child who isn’t scared because they know their parent is with them. They don’t fear the danger because they have full confidence that their parent will protect them and keep them safe 

  • God says these words to us (‘don’t be afraid or discouraged’) very often in the Bible. I believe this is for a reason - He knows that we will, so many times, feel scared and worried. We will feel hopeless and weak. So, He sends us these reminders: we don’t need to fear! We aren’t alone! He COMMANDS us to be strong and courageous - and  that means we must obey! We can trust that His words are true. He will never leave us. He is our strength and our courage. He is our Protector and Comforter. 
Rest in His arms. Be courageous. Do the right (and often, hard!) thing. You are not alone. He is with you. And He will always provide for you - He commanded you to do so!

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