No plan of Yours can be thwarted... (Job 42:4)

 We all need some uplifting right now. I have found that reflecting on some Bible verses has been truly motivating and calming these days.

It is one thing to read the Bible, and quite another to 'take in' what is being said.

If you are Christian - many of these verses might be familiar to you. If so, I welcome you to read my reflections, and now how your reflections might be the same or different than mine.

If you are not Christian, I invite you to read these words and see how you can apply them into your life, take away some wisdom or peace, learn something new, etc.

The first comes from Job 42:2. If you are not familiar with the story of Job - this is for you! Job had it all: he was rich, he had many kids, a great wife, land and food, etc. He also loved God. The devil wanted to test Job - he thought that if he took away all Job had, Job would abandon God. And, so, God permitted the devil to take any all Job had: his land, his kids, his possessions, etc. Job had many moments when he was frustrated, tired, and perhaps even confused at why this was happening to him.

Typography: Job 42:2 - YMI

In fact, much of the book of Job is him talking to God, his friends pushing him to leave God, and so forth. But, Job did not give up faith in God. He did not doubt that one day, God would give him peace and reward him for his faithfulness.

Read Job 42: 4.

And think about how this applies to you. Job prayed this to God when he had lost everything! He still trusted that God would help him. He didn't doubt God's faithfulness to him.

Below is my personal reflection on this verse.

  • God can do all things! There is nothing too hard for Him, or anything out of His control or power. So, I need not be afraid to trust in Him when things are difficult or unknown. He can save me from anything and anyone. He can turn any situation for my good, even when it seems impossible 

  • That no plan of God’s can be thwarted means that I can have full confidence that all things work together for my good. Sometimes, I don’t know why things happen the way they do. Or what good can from pain, stress, or sadness. I also wonder about the future and struggle being in the waiting. But this verse says that God’s plan prevails. Since I know that God does everything for our good, I can trust that everything that happens to me (or doesn’t happen to me) is according to God’s plan - the best plan! 

  • If God can do all things AND no purpose of His can be thwarted, why should  I fear or be worried about my life or the future? Everything is in His hands - including me and my life. I can safely give everything to Him, knowing that He will fulfill His promises to me. 

What about YOU? What are you praying for God to do in your life? Do you REALLY trust that He can do all things? Do you have full trust that even when things don't appear to be for your good, God is in control and He WILL give you victory? 

Today, give your worries and thoughts to God. Hand them to Him, and tell Him what Job did: I know You, oh Lord, can do all things! Nothing is too hard for You! Strengthen me to believe this, and give me perseverance to endure all that comes my way, knowing that You are with me!

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