There is Always Hope

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I have no words to make this difficult and challenging time pass.

Nor do I know how long it will last.

It's been a long time since we've lived 'the way it used to be' 

At times, it feels like it has been eternity.

You may be tired, bored, and sick of home,    

You might be irritated of feeling alone.

But know this - you are not the only one,

Because after the storm, there is always sun.

I know it feels like there is no end,

And sometimes, you become your own worst friend.

Please be mindful of what you tell yourself,

And mind your health - this is your wealth.

The storms will pass, trust me when I say,

You will survive another day.

Though this time feels like a crashing ride,

You have all you need, right inside.

Take heart, even though you do not feel strong,

It is okay to feel - you are not wrong.

You are not weak for feeling the pain,

Though you are learning to dance in the rain.

Take a breath, maybe even two

And know that there is always hope for you.

This season will pass, when the time is right,

There is always hope - keep this in sight.

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