Sharing my story on a Podcast Episode...

I am so honoured to have been asked to share my story - including an update! - on a podcast. You can listen to my journey here, with Katie from 'Mind and Body Strong'. 

Note: this episode was released a while ago, but it did not feel 'right' to post it among the challenges we have all been facing with COVID19. However, I can see that this is likely not to stop anytime soon, so I am sharing this now in hopes that this inspires you:

-You are not behind on anything in life. You are where you are meant to be

-You are not defined by your past

-Give yourself compassion and grace

-Don't give up on your dreams or goals

-You can do what you put your mind to. Don't be a bully to yourself

-Recovery is possible

-Life is worth it

-There is always hope

-Talk to God. Tell Him your fears, needs, and desires

-Let go and Let God

-Find people who support you, love you, and care for you unconditionally

-Acknowledge where you are. Breathe. Offer yourself kindness. Drop any judgments. Take the first step.


 I hope you enjoy this podcast episode. Please, everyone, stay safe - and stay well!

P.S. I recommend you look at Morgan Harper Nicholas' work...she has lovely quotes for when you need it!

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