Information Overload - turn it OFF!

Information Overload, Why it Matters and How to Combat It ...Last time, we talked about the basics of how to know which website/news source you can trust. We reviewed some key questions that you should watch for when deciding what to believe or follow.

Continuing in the series on 'Information Overload' - this post will discuss how to know when to 'call it quits'  - or turn if OFF - when reading the news/social media or following stories/information.

It is, of course, important to be informed. After all, if we did not hear the news or latest developments, how would we know what is happening in the world around us? How could we ensure that we are doing what has been 'proven' or 'found' to be important for our bodies, minds, health, populations, etc.? (within limits, of course. As an example, your body knows how much food it needs without the news telling you how much to eat. You know without science that washing your hands is important, etc).

Information Overload – How Much is too Much? - - via ...But there comes a time when we start to feel overwhelmed with the amount of information thrown at us. Let's take COVID19 as a prime example. It is important to know that COVID is a real and serious threat to the world. It is critical to understand that hand hygiene and social distancing are paramount to stopping infections from occurring and spreading. However, in my opinion, it is not necessarily vital to know how many cases are positive each day. It is equally rather irrelevant how celebrities are 'trying new diets' to avoid gaining weight while their favourite gyms are closed. These are simple examples, but the point is clear...


As my mom tells me: 'you need to press the OFF button, Turn the switch on your brain OFF'.

Why I'm Taking a Social Media Break (and How to Join Me) — Wild WordsAnd she is truly the most wise individual I have ever come across (love you, mom!). Why does she say this?

After a while, we become overloaded. With numbers, news, evidence, stories, etc. thrown at us several times a day, it not only becomes challenging to know who/what to is also time-consuming. Rather than focusing on our lives HERE AND NOW - what we need to do next, how we can spend time taking care of our souls and bodies, enjoying time with loved ones, giving praise to God, practicing gratitude, etc...we become so tied up with social media.

And the same extends to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and whatever other social media outlets exist. Once we open these feeds and start scrolling, we see pictures of others, videos, comments...and it never ends. One click leads to another. It not only wastes an incredible amount of time - it also occupies precious brain space.

Who cares if Susan made a cake for the first time without burning it? Does it matter if Frank's kitten learned how to play with yarn? These are extreme examples - I will admit that. Some matters are important. Milestones, events, celebrations, reverences...these are all special moments, and I understand that. But when they become excessive - when it leads us to overthinking, comparing and despairing, and endless thoughts....this is harmful.

The point is clear: listen to what my mama said - learn how to turn it OFF. Turn your scrolling off. Turn the news off. Turn the self-critical voice off. Turn the comparing, the searching, the calculating, the overthinking off. A certain amount of social media, news, and evidence can be helpful. But you need to realize when it becomes overwhelming, harmful to your brain/mind/heart/body...and put a limit on it. Only you know your own limits. Only you know how different things affect you. And thus, only YOU can turn it OFF. 
Social Media Detox Quotes To Inspire You To Keep Going | Chiclypoised
Do yourself a favour. Take what you need - what you truly NEED - and leave the rest. The news, Facebook, and Pat and Larry's videos of how they managed to put skittles in a bottle of coke and cause it's all waiting for you. It's not going anywhere. Give yourself a break...and turn things OFF. Your mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health will thank you for it.

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