Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Related imageWe'll get back to the series on breaking habits in the next post...because it is time to celebrate Christmas and the New Year!

You probably already know - Christmas is my favourite holiday! There is something special about the lights, gifts, carols/music, gatherings, etc. that fills me with joy. Of course, this is the season where we celebrate Jesus' birth, making it a time of spirituality and peace.

Image result for christmas quotes hopeAs I have grown, Christmas has changed - in a good way. As a child, I looked forward to the gifts and cookies the most. Now, these are still important to me now...but the meaning of Christmas has become deeper for me. Christmas is no longer simply about being surprised by presents; it is now a time of thanksgiving and reflection. As December comes to an end and we celebrate Christ's birth, it is an opportunity to look back on the previous year.

I am extremely grateful for the blessings of 2018. It was by no means an 'easy' year; we have all faced challenges, obstacles, and trying times last year. But we also had good laughs, peaceful moments, learning experiences, and joyous situations. I'm sure you can look back and identify that despite the tough times, 2018 was full of good times, too.

The birth of Christ brings a message of hope and peace. Jesus humbly came to earth to save us, to give us life. His birth is a time to celebrate. Christmas is a time to slow down, to enjoy the precious moments in life. To be grateful fir what we have (and sometimes, for what we don't have!).

This Christmas, I pray that you experience joy, peace, and hope as you celebrate with loved ones. I pray that your blessings fill you with gratitude, and that message of hope and joy through Christ's birth allows you to feel inspired as the year closes.

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