'You don't always have to be busy'

Image result for you don't have to be busyI am the type of person who loves getting my work done. If I have a to-do list, I hate when things pile up on it. So, to avoid this, I try to get things done right away. This is super helpful and important - I mean, who wants to procrastinate and leave it all to the last minute? That only creates additional stress, rushing, and anxiety.

But at the same time, I am learning that it is OKAY to not always be busy. What do I mean by this? There are times (not many, but still...) where I have finished the work I planned on doing. Do I have NOTHING to do? No, of course not. But the 'most important things' on my checklist are done.

At these times, you may think that I deserve a long break. And I likely do, seeing as how hard I have worked. But taking a break feels so...wrong. I mean, why spend time doing NOTHING (or fun things) when I could do MORE work and get that done, too?

This is a difficult cycle to stop, and I am training myself to try to stop and take time to do 'fun things' or 'nothing'. I have so many hobbies and things I enjoy (SHOPPING!!!!), and this does not make me 'lazy'. In fact, when we take a REAL break and do things we like - rather than always work - we refresh our bodies and minds, and we become BETTER able to work later.

Image result for take time to relaxThe feeling of 'laziness' always enters my mind when I allow myself to do 'nothing'. But I am learning to sit with this and remind myself that I have been productive, and part of being kind to myself is not working. It is relaxing, doing something fun, and not being 'busy' with work. It is being busy with myself, my hobbies, my self-care.

We all struggle with this - certainly more when we are overworked or stressed. Remind yourself that it is okay to take a break when you need to recharge. It is alright to take some time for yourself, to step into quietness, and to do something fun. As long as you are able to manage your duties and responsibilities, taking breaks and 'not being busy' is not only helpful - it is necessary.

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