Enjoy THIS Moment

Image result for enjoy the moment quotesI was in a store a few days ago and noticed that Halloween costumes and candy filled the isles. Then, I also noticed that some stores also had Christmas supplies and decorations in their isles!

I personally love Christmas, so I was overjoyed at realizing that Christmas is just a few months away. If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll know that Christmas is my favourite holiday!

But something about this bothered me - it being September, and already seeing Christmas things in the store. Don't get me wrong - I love the Christmas spirit! But isn't it strange how we aren't taking the time to enjoy the current moment, and are already jumping three months ahead?

This got me thinking: we live in a world today that runs from one thing to the next. We finish one thing, only to cross it off our list and get to the other things. We anticipate holidays months in advance so much that we might not realize that another holiday - coming sooner - is just as important. We get up and go to work or school and are thinking about next week, before even meeting the events of the day.

Image result for enjoy the moment quotesI will be the first to admit that this is how I operate, too. Life has become a constant shuffle from one thing to the next. It is busy. It is rushed. It is full of obligations, events, responsibilities, etc. Technology has made us have access to things we never thought were possible. Products and services have evolved in incredible ways. And while all of this is fantastic and speaks to the advances we have made, I think it is really important to be more mindful of the current moment.

Being mindful in the current state means trying to enjoy where you are now. Waking up and trying to focus on the day and what you will do today - and not five months in advance. Taking some time to enjoy the beautiful weather today offers, the current powerful relationships you have in your life, the successes you have accomplished, and the goals you have set. Of course, this doesn't mean you shouldn't plan ahead and be organized or prioritize what you will do tomorrow or next week - it simply means not getting so absorbed in the next moment that you forget to enjoy the present.

Related imageIt is definitely not an easy task, given the world we live on and how busy we all become. One helpful tip that I have found works for me is to catch myself in my thoughts. When I start thinking of things months in advance that I need not worry about now, I remind myself of where I am. Today is xxx, and I am doing zzz. I need not think far in advance, because I will miss out on the blessings of today. If I can plan for something in advance, I can do this within reason - but not obsessively. And, by all means, I must not let my plans for tomorrow stop me from enjoying the beauty of today.

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