Image result for weatherI LOVE summer weather! It just makes me so happy to see the sun shining outside, the beautiful trees and flowers, the birds lovely. Nature is truly amazing.

The weather has major impacts on our mood and even motivation. Think about a rainy day: how motivated do you feel to work? Study? Clean? Do ANYTHING? Probably not much.

Now think of a sunny day. All we want to do is go out and have fun, garden, see new places, enjoy new foods, spend time with family and friends, etc.

It is amazing how the sun can make me feel so much happier. I have noticed that when it is sunny outside, I feel happier. I even feel more motivated to study! But when it is cloudy, I feel gloomy. I look outside, and all I want to do is sleep!

Image result for when the sun goes down the stars come upThere is definitely a scientific correlation to this: several studies, such as this one have shown that serotonin, one of the neurotransmitters (or brain chemicals) that makes us feel happy, is stimulated by sunshine. So, more sun might mean that more serotonin is made and released, which makes us feel more relaxed and happy.

This is why a treatment modality for some types of depression can include light therapy, or going outside in the sunshine.

Now, does this mean we cannot possibly be happy if it is not sunny outside? Absolutely not! For me, I have found that reminding myself of the beauty of nature in general makes me feel more productive. For example, rain means nourishment for grass and flowers. It means the flowers will grow. It even means that the roads get cleaner! It is a sign of the beautiful works of God.

Image result for this is the day the lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in itIt is really amazing how much pondering on the beauty of nature can help with mood changes or feelings of 'ickiness' when it is rainy or cold outside. Think of how wonderful nature is. Think of how each season and the weather changes brings changes in nature, animals, trees, plants, and so forth. Think of how every weather condition is a reminder of LIFE: whether that be your life, plants, animals, or flowers. And life is beautiful, in all seasons.

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