Take it easy!

'Take it easy!"

Image result for do not be anxious about anythingI find myself having to remember this statement often. I need to learn to 'take it easy'. Life is tough. There are so many struggles, challenges, and obstacles. Some of them are under our control. Some of them have solutions. But others are beyond our control, are unpredictable, unexpected, and difficult. Some situations become 'too much to handle', and we are left feeling hopeless and helpless.

Personally, I hate feeling like I cannot do anything to address a problem that I have, or to help someone who needs assistance. Feeling like I am stuck and can do anything makes me feel powerless and vulnerable...and sad and confused.

But there comes a point when I have to slow down and remember: JUST BREATHE. Take it easy. This is not your fault. This is out of your control. You cannot control the ACTION (or what happened already), but you can control your REACTION.

There will always be challenges. Some days, I find that I am so busy and I get overwhelmed. There are some times when I don't feel hungry, and yet know that I need to eat to keep myself well. There are moments when I feel stressed and tired, misunderstood, and lonely. There are even times when I feel frustrated with everything - even though things are not as intolerable as I think they may be.

Image result for even the darkest night will end and the sun will riseBut then again - who DOES NOT have those days? We all do. If there is one thing I learned from every experience in my life thus far, it is to talk about it. To not hide my emotions or keep things to myself. To find someone I love and trust, and to let them know that things are not okay - and that I need some extra support.

Then, I need to work on my own thought patterns. I need to recognize when I am allowing negative thoughts to invade my head and impact my emotions. It is okay for me to be worried. To feel tired, scared, hopeless, and confused. But it is NOT OKAY to keep these feelings and thoughts ruminating in my head. Instead, I need to learn to stop these thoughts, to question them, and to fight back with true evidence. It is okay to feel an emotion - that is normal and healthy. But what becomes pathological is when we dwell on these emotions and thoughts for a long time, and allow them to control our mood and actions.

Image result for the pain that you've been feeling can compare to the joy that coming lyricsSometimes, this means reminding myself to TAKE IT EASY. I am not the cause of all the problems in the world. And, there will always be difficult moments. We all face challenging times. We all have moments when we may feel incapable, not confident, and stressed. But it is during these tines when we need to breathe and remember that every experience, difficultly, and struggle is shaping us for tomorrow. Every barrier you face today prepares you for the next hurdle. And with each obstacle you overcome, you become stronger and wiser.

So, let's try to take things easy - which, ironically, isn't always easy. But with time, we learn not to stress the small stuff - and to build up our stamina as much as possible. We learn to face challenges head on and to persevere through them. Because life will always through things at you. But know and trust that you are more than able to overcome this challenge. And know too that you are never alone.

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