Publshed again! Laziness, Busyness, and Rest

Have you ever felt so tired and frustrated, wanting only to get away from everything and relax - and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING?!

Have you ever felt lazy, unable or unmotivated to get up and get your work done...despite being incredibly busy? 

I'll let you in on a secret: I have a love/hate relationship with being busy. I hate being busy because then I feel overwhelmed, tired, overworked, and exhausted. 

But I also love being busy - because at these moments, I feel productive, motivated, and energetic. 

Weird, isn't it? I'm certain we've all had similar experiences at times. 

So...what's up with this paradoxical love/hate with laziness, busyness, and rest? Why is it that we can feel so angry with being busy...but when we are suddenly free, we feel irritated with nothing to do? On a similar note, what's the deal with laziness and rest - are they ultimately the same thing - or are they different?

Head on over to Fr. Anthony's website, where my my writing on this puzzling topic has been featured (thank you, God, for Your blessings!); please take a look, and feel free to comment there and let me know what your thoughts and experiences are on this! 

Laziness, busyness, and rest: three related, confusing, but ultimately, normal parts of life. They must be balanced delicately: out of balance, they make life hectic. Kept under control, life becomes manageable.

In itself, laziness implies a lack of will or motivation to do things, to use our time and gifts wisely. Laziness sets off a nasty cycle: we feel lazy and we don't do anything - and this makes us even MORE lazy.

It is good to be (moderately) busy - this keeps us using our minds and bodies, and it keeps us energetic and motivated. But it is also critical that we rest, because overworking ourselves will surely led to fatigue and a myriad of other problems. Allow yourself to be productive, to set goals, and to accomplish them. And then reward yourself with rest, and feel proud and satisfied with what you have accomplished.

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